Mavericks Every Child a Reader (MECAR)

Every Child a Reader


Gift PolicyOur students’ lives are enriched by the gift of reading. They have a lifelong love of reading that enables them to be more independent in all aspects of home, school and community life. Reading for pleasure and knowledge opens doors to more opportunities for our students.

The Mavericks Every Child a Reader Program provides individualized reading instruction to PREP 3 students in grade one to grade six. We are in our 8th year of providing a reading program that is fully funded by the generosity of our sponsors, both corporate and individual. We require only a nominal materials fee of $40 at the time of registration. Our goal is to keep the cost of this program minimal in order to encourage all families to participate.

Dependent on instructor availability, PREP also provides reading instruction for students who are not eligible for the funded sessions or who would like additional reading sessions. Please contact Katie Copithorne at (403) 282-5011 ext.112 or more info on Fee for Service reading instruction.

What do we do in reading?

Based on current research, we developed a reading program with measurable results. Each of the reading groups, Emerging Reader (Stage 1) and Developing Reader (Stage 2) incorporates the following five components into every 45 minute session:

  • Short Term Memory Building
  • Sight Word Acquisition
  • Phonemic Awareness and/or Phonics
  • Comprehension Building with Leveled Readers and Other Activities
  • IPAD and Software Applications

Programs include a reading progress report which is shared with the school, homework and access to our extensive library to enhance the reading experience at home as well.

Students have made significant gains in their reading abilities and parents have been extremely positive in their feedback.



  • “[My child] has made great gains and has developed a very positive attitude toward reading.”
  • “My daughter can’t get enough of reading and wants to do more worksheets and take home extra reading material.”
  • “He has come out of his shell. He is more confident and speaks in a louder voice. His reading is becoming more fluent and he is retaining words from week to week.”
  • “Always a great opportunity and I welcome the extra suggestions when teaching at home.”
  • “Absolutely a must for me and (my child). Having this program is really, really beneficial to helping her get on with reading and much less stress for mom.”
  • “This program has been vital to reinforcing the concepts (my child) is learning at school.”
  • “(Her) ability in reading has improved tremendously. Her teacher is very pleased with her abilities.”
  • “(She) learns so much in her individual reading, we look forward to it every week.”

More info

If you would like more information about this exciting program please contact Katie Copithorne at (403) 282-5011 ext.112 or

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