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Who: Students in kindergarten-grade 6 who have Down syndrome
What: Individual or Small Group speech/language therapy
Where: Woodridge PREP Centre, 2004 12 Ave NW
When: September – June
Why: Learning to speak up clearly and confidently is the goal for every student. For some it takes more practice and coaching. PREP has the expertise, commitment and heart to teach students, coach parents, and encourage teachers to make that goal a reality. Thanks to PREP’s not for profit Board and the Woodridge Inclusion Support Fund children in all grades are welcome to access the best at PREP!

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Inclusion Resource Centre

Discover the potential in every student!

The Inclusion Resource Centre is the place to learn best practices for including students with Down syndrome in regular classes, community activities, and the workplace. Click here to read more >>


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Did you know:

  • PREP therapists are experts in the field of Down syndrome.
  • Therapy is based on individual needs. Students with Down syndrome receive individual or small group therapy.
  • PREP believes that parents are their child’s best teacher and therefore it is a requirement that parents observe therapy sessions and be a part of their child’s learning.
  • PREP therapists expect the best of students! As a result, PREP 3 students are: Courteous, Cooperative, Caring, Considerate and Confident!

PREP 3 Parents are learners too, as they:

  • Enjoy the opportunity to socialize and learn from other parents of children with Down syndrome
  • Attend coffee afternoons and workshops hosted by our Family Support Liaison
  • Learn about the transition from elementary school to junior high
  • Watch and be a part of their child’s growth and learning

Referral Pathway

To inquire about classes, book a tour and visit please contact Navdeep Khaira at 403-282-5011 Ext.130 or email:


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