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Executive Director’s Report

It was a lengthy but ultimately most rewarding project for the staff at PREP to create a PREP booklet this year that illustrates the partnership parents can enjoy at PREP from the birth of their child to his or her graduation from high school. The colorful booklet is heartwarming, inspiring and educational; helping parents to see the journey ahead and giving them a tool to share that vision with family and friends.

PREP remains fiscally stable with excellence in programming and continuity in services thanks to our long term contracts from funders, ongoing commitments from individual and group donors, and the success of fundraisers such as Let’s Talk Hockey.

It is a highly prestigious honor for PREP to be chosen as a feature charity with the SHAW Charity Classic Golf Tournament. This is a first for PREP to be publically recognized at a sporting event of this magnitude and we look forward to this opportunity to showcase PREP in the community. As a feature charity PREP will receive $50,000 and also be eligible for funds through the Birdies for Kids program. Many thanks to Gerry Wood, Woodridge Ford, for making the introduction!

It is indeed hard to believe but in 2018 PREP will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary. Anniversaries are a time for reflection but more importantly a time for visioning. As we celebrate the progress, we are still very aware of the potential for even more significant change, as society is increasingly open to accepting individual differences and embracing true inclusion.

This was a BIG graduating class from PREP 4 this year and all have been part of PREP since they were toddlers. The time, energy and commitment their parents made to getting them to PREP every year is reflected in their confidence and skills. We are proud of each grad and wish each continued success as young adults striving to find a career and a purpose in life.

Looking ahead to 2018 we have welcomed some new colleagues who already have proven to be great additions to a seasoned staff. Our workplace culture welcomes innovation, encourages professional development and is dedicated to excellence in client service. As a staff we are well aware of ongoing challenges and areas for improvement and that is shared in the reports from each program. That openness is something PREP takes great pride in.

It is not enough to challenge the students. To truly make a difference as educators and therapists; we must inspire and teach their parents to be their own child’s best teacher and advocate. Our goal is to become valued coaches and mentors to parents on their journey of parenting a child with special needs.

Many thanks to each of our volunteer Board of Director’s for their stewardship and commitment. Special thanks go to Board President, Curtis Slater, for his leadership on strategic planning has been instrumental in putting new energy, focus and meaning to board work.

Barbara Tien, Executive Director

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