Spring Awakening

Spring is a time of new growth and new beginnings. After a long, winter, perhaps dormant because of cold and flu bugs, you and your child are hopefully eager to “spring” into action. It is well known that children often go through a growth spurt in the spring that can be physical, intellectual, and/or social. […]

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“Handiwork” not “Homework”

Did you know basket weaving used to be a mandatory course for Occupational Therapists?  It made sense because our job as occupational therapists is to help people master the jobs of daily living and for that you need strong and agile hands. In recent years the OT degree has moved more and more to an […]

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History of The PREP Program

The catalyst for starting PREP came from the Boswell family. I still remember the call from Jayne wanting private speech-language therapy for her son Greg. Meeting Jayne and Greg for the first time and in ongoing conversations with Jayne and her husband, Pat, I soon became aware of the lack of services in Calgary. That […]

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Down syndrome and Fluency

Fluency refers to the smoothness and natural rhythm of one’s speech. A person’s speech may be considered dysfluent when any of the following is often observed; saying “uh” repeatedly in a sentence, pausing frequently prolonging the first sound in a word (e.g., mmmmom), repeating the first sound of words (e.g., b-bbecause), or “getting stuck” and […]

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Skill-Building Through Game Playing

There are a number of skills children from three years old and up learn through board games including problem solving, identifying patterns, vocabulary skills, math skills, confidence building, risk-taking, persistence, deduction, memory and decision making.

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