Teach Your Student Wellness

The start of a New Year is indeed a time of thoughtfulness and renewal. Whether we achieve our resolutions is a matter of commitment, resolve and some luck, but there is definitely no harm in trying! Setting personal goals in the area of personal wellbeing and wellness is synonymous with the New Year. Students with […]

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Spring Fever Strikes!

It is a rite of spring in schools that after the week long spring break the pace of instruction increases, routines go out the window with field trips and outdoor activities, and the pressure to complete the prescribed curriculum before final exams intensifies. After all, there are only two months left in the school year! […]

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Making Sense of Sensory Processing

When you drive late at night and get sleepy, do you shake your head or turn up the music or chew gum or eat salty chips or drink coffee to help stay awake. “Whatever it takes” is different for each of us because we all have different sensory needs. Using the senses to learn is […]

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Classwide Peer Tutoring

Do you hear things like this from Teachers? Malia has trouble finishing her work by herself. She will play with her pencil or get out of her seat to talk with other students when they are working on assignments. Quinn is smart and likes to finish his work quickly. Because he works quickly, he often […]

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Staying Included

When inclusion is what you truly want for your child, know PREP is here to help It is spring when some school administrators thoughts turn to fall and parents receive some gentle and not so gentle reminders to “next year will you at least consider special education for your child”. Our job at PREP is […]

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