It’s okay to have Down syndrome

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Thank you for your donations!

Thank you to Noah, his pals and Barnes family!

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The Pluses of Peer Tutoring

What a gift you give to all students when ample opportunities for peer tutoring are provided in your classroom. Peer tutoring starts in ECS with sharing the news of the day, moves to buddy reading in early grades, and culminates in science fair or other team projects in higher grades. When students learn to listen […]

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Turning Words Into Social Action

Lots of students can rehearse, role play and regurgitate social rules BUT when they are in a social setting with peers, they freeze or suffer from a high “forget” rate. In the debrief after the event, they once again can tell you everything they should have or could have done BUT they can’t tell you […]

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Teaching Kids How to Act In Public

Breaches of etiquette can be a tough (and uncomfortable for some) subject to broach with a student or parent. However, these all important learned skills in the areas of dress, personal hygiene, appearance, and conduct are essential, if students are to present well to others in social settings. From appearance to conduct there are age […]

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