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Dear Mom

15 People With Down Syndrome Told A Mom Whose Baby Was Diagnosed What To Expect.
Their message? Being a mom is scary no matter what, but it’s always worth it. Watch it here

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Check out the May issue of Today’s Parent

Why we put this little girl on our cover
We aim for diversity in our photography, which is why we’re featuring this exceptional little girl, who happens to have Down syndrome. When moms and dads read Today’s Parent or visit, we want them to recognize their families in the challenges we tackle and the joys we celebrate in our stories. We also want them to see themselves (or at least a version of themselves) and their children in the images we choose. Media creates and moulds our perception of the world, so what conclusion can a family reach when they rarely see similar people represented? They are invisible, marginalized, forgotten.

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Intern David on the News Hour

Watch it here!

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World Down Syndrome Day 2013

International Down Syndrome Coalition World Down Syndrome Day 2013

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Zachary Smith shines on stage despite disability

Zachary Smith has big dreams of performing on Broadway. Thanks to a larger-than-life attitude and the support of his family and friends, he’s one step closer. Though he was born with Down syndrome, the Grade 8 Vincent Massey student hasn’t let his condition affect his enthusiasm and dedication, playing sports and even starting acting courses […]

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