P3 & P4 – MEET and GREET PREP’s New Occupational Therapist

January 18, 2017 @ 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm

PREP Family Support invites you to meet Kim Doram, OT. Join us and learn how you can access OT services and what Kim is able to offer your child. This year Kim will be offering one FREE OT session to the P3 and P4 PREP students, PREP member rate for all follow up sessions is $90/hour. She will be available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for appointments.

 Areas that Kim can offer you and your child support include:

  • Printing/ Written output (i.e. printing skills, increasing strength to improve printing, ideas for other options for written output- computer use, Handwriting Without Tears)
  • Attention/ Focus/ Regulation/ Behaviour Management (i.e. strategies to stay engaged at school, ideas to manage challenging behaviour, determining sensory differences that may impact behaviour/ attention)
  • Improving fine motor and core strength (i.e. ability to use hands to manipulate toys/ clothing, ability to stabilize self in chair to print)
  • Mealtime skills (i.e. increasing food repertoire, self-feeding skills)
  • Toileting (i.e. toilet training, hand washing, toilet routine)
  • Sleep (i.e. establishing bedtime routines, improving sleep, moving to sleeping in own bed)
  • Independence in daily living skills (i.e. preparing own snacks/ meals, dressing, tooth brushing, hygiene)
  • Organization skills (i.e. keeping track of belongings at school & home)

Support teens to prepare for independent living, and plan for post-secondary education.

Who Should Attend: This workshop is designed for all P3 & P4 parents

Location: downstairs in Early Learning Classroom

RSVP:  Email annamarie@prepprog.org  or call Annamarie at 403 282 5011 ext 125

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